Kelsey NeuenswanderSocial Cognitive Scientist
Neuenswander, K. L., Haines, E. L., & Stroessner, S. J. (2023). Caring or competent? Apparent prioritization of childcare over work affects evaluations and stereotyping of fathers. Sex Roles. [pdf]

Neuenswander, K. L., Dash, A., Koya, P. D., Lin , L., Gillespie, G. S. R., & Stroessner, S. J. (in review). Measuring fundamental aspects of the social perception of robots: Development and validation of a shortened version of the RoSAS (RoSAS-SF).

Neuenswander, K. L., Gillespie, G. S. R., Lick, D. J., Bryant, G. A., & Johnson, K. L. (in review). Social evaluative implications of sensory adaptation to human voices.

Neuenswander, K. L., Goodale, B. M., Bryant, G. A., & Johnson, K. L. (in prep). Adversaries or allies? Perception of mixed-sex vocal ensembles.

Neuenswander, K. L., Bryant, G. A., & Stroessner, S. J. (in prep). What do synthetic voices communicate? The influence of gendered and anthropomorphic features on fundamental dimensions of judgment.

Neuenswander, K. L., Hehman, E., & Johnson, K. L. (in prep). Testing the influence of perceptual exposure on weight bias using regional and experimental data.

Neuenswander, K. L. (in prep). Social cognition of voices: A review.

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